In order to solve the problems related to ticks and bedbugs, BETITEX aims to:

  • To develop functional textiles with protection against bugs (ticks and bedbugs) for PPE – Personal Protection Equipments (in case of ticks’ protection) and home textiles such as upholstery, sheets, blankets, etc. (in case of bedbugs).

  • To develop and research on environmentally friendly biocides offering protection against ticks and bedbugs and accepted by the European Biocides Directive (98/8/EC).

  • To develop innovative finishing technologies (sol-gel, microencapsulation and extrusion) in order to control the repellent effect and so contributing to a longer lifespan (control-release of the biocide).

  • To obtain high durability of the finishing (maintaining the repellence property at least up to 50 washings) by biocide control release (long-lasting biocide treated textiles)

  • To reduce the use of repellent sprays that are used nowadays (spreading them on the human body).

  • To promote the BETITEX results by the SME-Associations involved in the project to their SMEs associated companies, in the textile sector.

  • To offer solutions to the SMEs and improve their competitiveness by getting protective textiles against ticks and bedbugs in the field of PPE (outside workers) and home/contract textiles (indoor fabrics).